The Salyers

Greg + Sharon Salyer

Our Nepal story began in 1998 when Greg visited Nepal for the first time.  It was on this short trip that the orphaned and marginalized children of Nepal captured his heart.  Through the years, he has never forgotten that first experience.  Greg has returned to Nepal several times since his trip in 1998 to further understand and explore ways to serve Nepali children.  In June of 2014, the Salyer family traveled to Nepal to probe the possibilities of how they could intentionally serve the marginalized children of Nepal.  As a result of their trip, they launched Collective Hope in August of 2014.  Collective Hope’s mission is to  ”keep hope alive” by serving the vulnerable children of Nepal.  Greg and Sharon met at the age of five and have been happily married for over 34 years.  Greg and Sharon have two children, Gregory and Kayle.  The Salyer family have had the privilege of serving in various contexts and in various countries including…Mexico, Argentina, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, The United Arab Emirates and Nepal.